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CJM Newsletter October, November, and December 2016

CJM Newsletter October, November, and December 2016

Harvest Time and Christmas


It’s a wonderful time of the year. It is a time that we celebrate the harvest, the bountiful blessings that God has bestowed on this nation and the celebration of God stepping into humanity bringing salvation to all who believe. It is a time for families to gather around the table for laughter and eating. It is also a time to seek out those who are hurting, those who are less fortunate, and those who are sadden during this season. Chaplain Washington makes sure that CJM (Christian Jail Ministry) is able to put smiles on faces of the inmates’ children through the Christmas for Children program that is lead by Geneva Colbert every year. The Sunday after Thanksgiving, Chaplain Washington collects the names of the inmates’ children and then passes them on to Mrs. Colbert. She in turn passes them on to the churches that have partnered with CJM to get gifts to the children leaving them to believe that the gift came from the inmates. This year 110 children received gifts and there were 10 churches that participated. Here are the names of the churches Mt. Pisgah, Chapelgate Presbyterian, Star of Bethlehem, Community Baptist, Covenant Life House Ministries, Celebration Church, Bibleway, Columbia Fellowship Baptist, Bethany Church and Partners in Prayer. This year we had more churches that wanted to participate, but not enough gifts to give because of the decrease in population at the jail which is a good thing. CJM offers the gift giving to all the inmates’ children, Christians and Non- Christians and there are many Non- Christians who participate and are grateful that they can take part.

Music, celebration, Christmas cookies made by Covenant Baptist, Gideons going from one cell block to another passing out New Testament Bibles all of these things are being experienced by the inmates during the month of December on Tuesday nights. Chaplain Washington knows the effect that music has so he invites different groups to come in on Tuesday nights to minister to the men and women with music and the preached Word. On December 6 th Grace Christian Ministries came in and blessed the jail with song and preaching about the birth of Christ. They are pictured on the right. On December 13th , the Choir Boyz, who are international known and can be heard on Christian radio came to the jail and sang and some gave their testimonies giving hope to the inmates. They are pictured on the left. On December 20th, the Chaplain’s pastor, Pastor Robbie Davis came in from Celebration Church with the church’s Praise Team with song and a preaching from Mark 9:23-25 “Lord, I believe; help my unbelief!” Cornerstone Community also came in on the 20th lead by Edwin James with preaching and singing. All the volunteers involved are pictured with the Chaplain on the lower right. We had a great time.

Next Volunteer Orientation Training will be held on January 14, 2017

Every quarter CJM & HCDC (Howard County Detention Center) offer an Orientation and Training session so that individuals can take a look at CJM to see if they would like to join us in this awesome ministry and also to inform the faith community of the different ministries that are offered at the jail and the needs of CJM. We have several programs that we offer the inmates to help them grow in Christ. CJM offers Worship services for both men and women, Bible study for men and women, Celebrate Recovery, (a Twelve Step Program that deals with a person’s hurts, habits, and hang-ups offered to both men and women), Bible courses, one-on-one mentoring, Pastoral counseling, and if you do not want to do ministry inside the detention center you can help grade the Bible correspondence courses completed by the inmates. The grading is done at Bethel Baptist Church in Ellicott City, MD on Thursday mornings. Pictured on the right with Chaplain Washington are the Bible Graders at their annual Christmas Luncheon given by Andrea Pace. The next quarterly O&T session will be held from 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, January 14, 2017. The address is 7301 Waterloo Rd. Jessup, MD 20794. Attending the session does not obligate you to become a CJM volunteer. There is no charge for the session. This session will help you to have a better understanding of how we minister to the inmates and to learn the dos and don’ts at the jail. Let us know if you would like to attend the January session (call us or email: your name, phone and email address, and let us know that you want to attend the O&T). The email address is at the top of the front page.

Another Great Story about a Returning Citizen Once Incarcerated at HCDC

It is always great to see God’s hand on the life of a former inmate. Chaplain Washington notice a young man that he recognized as a former inmate at HCDC released in 2012, in his neighborhood carrying a rake and going door to door asking for work. He would later be spotted by the Chaplain pulling a wagon with more equipment in it. The Chaplain stayed in touch with him and over time watched him build his business by adding additional pieces of lawn equipment. They would chat with one another and from time to time he would attend church with the Chaplain, but since has found a church of his own. Then the Chaplain realized that this young man would be a good candidate to come and speak at the Annual Volunteer Appreciation and Fund Raising Banquet held every year around spring time. The Chaplain extended an invitation to him to come and speak and he did. At the banquet one of the Correctional Officers approached the Chaplain and said that there must be a God if this young man’s life can change like it has. The Chaplain would call the young man periodically and also give him some yard work to do at his home. The Chaplain would give him suggestions like making fliers and putting them in the doors and the Chaplain also bought him a piece of equipment to help him in his endeavors. One day while the Chaplain was doing a oneon-one with an inmate, that inmate began talking about this former inmate who was once in jail and now how great he was doing and how the former inmate had just brought a truck. The Chaplin found out that the inmate was speaking about the same young man he knew. The Chaplain called the young man to congratulate him on the purchasing of his new truck and the young began to tell him how God was blessing him with contracts to do lawns and that he also has another full time job. This young man knows the value of having patience and trusting God. He went from pulling a wagon to buying a truck. This did not happen overnight it took some years. Amen!!!

Lord Give CJM What Is Needed to Love People to Christ

There are so many that are caught up in their bad choices and mindset and they are passing them down to their next generation. Chaplain Washington was consoling two inmates at the same time who were friends. One of the young men’s brother and cousin were involved in a shooting. His cousin lost his life and his brother was in critical condition at Shock Trauma in Baltimore. He began to tell the Chaplain how sad his ten year old cousin was going to be when he hears that his brother was shot dead. He began to brag to the Chaplain about how one time he was running from the police and the ten year old open the door for him and once he was in the house slammed the door in the police’s face. The Chaplain paused for a minute and then asked the young man to listen to himself and to think about his actions and the negative influence he was having in his ten year old cousin’s life. The other inmate said to the Chaplain, “Chaplain I don’t have a diploma so I have to do what I have to do to take care of my sister and my mother”. The Chaplain asked him who was taking care of them while he was incarcerated. Chaplain told him there was nothing he could do for them coming in and out of jail. The Chaplain said that it is so sad to see and hear the emptiness of these two inmates. CJM is up to the challenges that are before them. Keep CJM in your prayers.

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To all members and friends of the CJM community, we are working to use social media to better serve you, make communication easier, bring awareness of the ministry and plight of inmates to a larger audience and also introduce the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ to more people. To this end we have started a Facebook page. To start with we will start posting the newsletter on our website as well as the Facebook page. Here is how you can help . Please click on the link below to like our Facebook page and then share with your friends on Facebook as well. God willing those friends will also share with their friends. https://www.facebook.com/christianjailministry/ Thank you for your continued support of CJM. Please send contributions to CJM at this address:


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