This is a long page with lots of information. It identifies churches involved in ministry with Christian Jail Ministry (CJM). We identify churches and groups which provide financial support for CJM, churches which provide facilities, churches which function as a church group in CJM programs, churches which provide significant numbers of individuals for CJM programs, churches involved in CJM’s Christmas for Inmate Children program, and churches which provide social help for inmates and inmate families. We conclude by identifying the religious groups that CJM chaplains coordinate for the Howard County Detention Center (HCDC), but which are not formally a part of CJM’s ministry. Our apologies if we inadvertently failed to mention an involved church or group – the omission was not intentional. We appreciate everyone involved in ministry to prisoners.

Churches and Groups Providing Financial Support since the late-1990s
  1. Antioch Temple Church of God in Christ
  2. Baptist Convention of Maryland/Deleware
  3. Bethany Lane Baptist Church
  4. Bethel Baptist Church
  5. Bethel Korean Presbyterian English Ministry
  6. Celebration Church (formerly Long Reach Church of God)
  7. Chapelgate Presbyterian Church
  8. Christ Episcopal Church
  9. Christ Memorial Presbyterian Church
  10. Columbia Baptist Fellowship
  11. Clarksville Lions Club
  12. Columbia Town Center Rotary Club
  13. Columbia Foundation (2000 transition housing grant)
  14. Community Baptist Church
  15. Community Baptist Mission
  16. Covenant Baptist Church
  17. Covenant Community Church
  18. Crossroads Assembly of God
  19. Crossroads Church of the Nazarene
  20. Don Coward Evangelistic Association
  21. Elkridge Baptist Church
  22. Elkridge Rotary Club
  23. First Baptist Church of Guilford
  24. First Baptist Church of Savage
  25. First Christian Community Church
  26. First Presbyterian Church of Howard County
  27. Friendship Baptist Church of Sykesville
  28. Gethsemane Baptist Church
  29. Glen Mar United Methodist Chapel
  30. God’s Trucking Ministry, Inc.
  31. Gospel Tabernacle Baptist Church
  32. Grace Chapel
  33. Grace Community Church
  34. KPMG Peat Marwick Washington Foundation
  35. Kittamazundi Community, Inc.
  36. Liberty Baptist Church
  37. London Village Baptist Chapel
  38. Bridgeway Community Church
  39. Mid-Maryland (was Howard) Baptist Assn
  40. Mt. Hebron Baptist Church
  41. Mt. Pisgah AME Church
  42. Mt. Zion United Methodist Church (Highland)
  43. Presbytery of Baltimore
  44. Rockland United Methodist Church
  45. South Columbia Baptist Church
  46. St. James United Methodist Church
  47. Wildwood Baptist Church
  48. Inglesia Asamblea
Churches Providing Facilities since the late-1990s
  1. Bethel Baptist (Bible course grading office & 2000 volunteer dinner)
  2. Chapelgate Presbyterian (1998, 2002, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008 volunteer dinners)
  3. Christ Memorial Presbyterian (committee meetings 2001-2002)
  4. Christ Episcopal Church (office space)
  5. Community Baptist (1999 volunteer dinner)
  6. Covenant Baptist (counseling space)
  7. Glen Mar United Methodist (1997, 2001, & 2003 volunteer dinners)
  8. Grace Community (monthly training sessions)
  9. Howard Baptist Association (committee meetings)
  10. Mid-Maryland Baptist Association (committee meetings)
  11. Mt. Zion United Methodist – Highland, Maryland
  12. (1998, 1999, 2001, & 2002 concerts and committee meetings)
Churches and Groups providing Services at HCDC as a Group since late-1990s
  1. Sunday Services, Bible Classes, & Special Programs
  2. Alleluias
  3. Bethel Baptist Church
  4. Bethel Korean Presbyterian English Ministry
  5. Carney Assembly of God Church
  6. Chapelgate Presbyterian Church
  7. Community Baptist Church
  8. Covenant Baptist Church
  9. First Baptist Church of Savage
  10. Gethsemane Baptist Church
  11. Gideons
  12. Grace Community Church
  13. Hunter Memorial AME Church
  14. Life Change AME Church
  15. Celebration Church
  16. Mid-Maryland Baptist Association
  17. Mt. Zion United Methodist Church
  18. Mt. Pisgah AME Church
  19. South Columbia Baptist Church
Churches Providing Significant Numbers of Individuals for Various CJM Programs since the late-1990s

(1-on-1 discipleship, Bible course grading, literature distribution, 12-step programs, Bible classes, admin help, CJM Board, etc.)

  1. All Saints Chapel (Episcopal)
  2. Bethel Baptist Church
  3. Bethel Korean Presbyterian English Ministry
  4. Celebration Church
  5. Chapelgate Presbyterian Church
  6. Christ Memorial Presbyterian Church
  7. Columbia Community Church
  8. Community Baptist Church
  9. Covenant Baptist Church
  10. Crossroads Nazarene Church
  11. Elkridge Baptist Church
  12. Friendship Baptist Church
  13. Gethsemane Baptist Church
  14. Glen Mar United Methodist Church
  15. Grace Community Church
  16. Hope Baptist Church
  17. Liberty Baptist Church
  18. LMt Pisgah AME Church
  19. Mt. Zion United Methodist Church (Highland, MD)
  20. South Columbia Baptist Church
Churches Providing Social Help

Christmas for Inmate Children since late-1990s:

  1. Bethel Korean Presbyterian Church
  2. Celebration Church (formerly Long Reach Church of God)
  3. Chapelgate Presbyterian Church
  4. Christ Memorial Presbyterian Church
  5. Community Baptist Church
  6. Covenant Baptist Church
  7. Glen Mar United Methodist Church
  8. Liberty Baptist Church
  9. Life Change AME Church
  10. Celebration Church
  11. Mt. Pisgah AME Church
  12. Mt. Zion United Methodist Church (Highland, MD)
Toiletries for indigent inmates
  1. Antioch Temple Church of God in Christ
  2. Grace Community Church
  3. Glen Mar United Methodist Church
  4. Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware
Christmas items for inmates
  1. Covenant Baptist Church
  2. The Gideons
  3. Glen Mar United Methodist Church
Other Groups Providing Religious Programs at HCDC which are not formally part of CJM programs.

CJM provides the orientation and training for volunteers involved in these religious programs and works closely with the HCDC administration to ensure effective and efficient schedule and space coordination for all religious activities at HCDC.

  1. Catholic Pastoral Visits/Services
  2. Group coordinated by Mr. Charles Davis, with people from the First Baptist Church of Guilford, Gospel Tabernacle Baptist Church, Mt. Hebron Baptist Church, + New Revelation Missionary Baptist Church
  3. Ministerial visits by Jehovah’s Witness representative
  4. Muslim Imam