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Praying Together

"I think God has a purpose for me being here this time"


Our Mission

Christian Jail Ministry’s mission is to serve God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit by evangelizing, making disciples, and helping men and women, especially inmates, former inmates, their families, correctional staff, and those providing services for them…

Image by Aaron Burden

Recently, Chaplain Washington heard the following:
“I do not like being locked up, but I am glad I am here (in jail). I think God has a purpose for me being here this time. He is trying to teach me something, and this time I am listening to Him.”

Get Involved, You can help!

First, you can pray for this ministry. You can ask God to bless it with much spiritual fruit. You can ask God to guide, strengthen, encourage, and bless all involved in its activities. You can ask God to bring forth the volunteers and funds needed for this ministry, or you can help us by donating below.

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