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About Us

Mission Statement

Christian Jail Ministry’s mission is to serve God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit by evangelizing, making disciples, and helping men and women, especially inmates, former inmates, their families, correctional staff, and those providing services for them. CJM will seek to fulfill this mission by providing chaplains for correctional institutions (especially the Howard County Detention Center (HCDC) in Maryland) and programs that address spiritual, personal, and social needs of current and former jail/prison inmates, their families, and correctional personnel as well as training and supervision for volunteers ministering within the criminal justice arena. CJM will also emphasize creating awareness within the community and among the churches of the need for ministry within the criminal justice arena and the importance of compassionate justice for all.

The Christ-centered, faith-based Christian Jail Ministry (CJM) meets spiritual, personal, and social needs of current/former jail/prison inmates, their families, correctional personnel, and those involved in ministry to prisoners. CJM has provided chaplains and comprehensive religious services for Howard County Detention Center (HCDC) in Jessup, Maryland, since 1979. CJM is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization. CJM is supported mainly by contributions from individuals, churches, and businesses.

God's Purpose

Recently, Chaplain Nichols heard the following (paraphrased) from several different inmates at HCDC:

“I do not like being locked up, but I am glad I am here (in jail). I think God has a purpose for me being here this time. He is trying to teach me something, and this time I am listening to Him.”

The men who told Chaplain Nichols this were mainly in their late-30s or early-40s. Chaplain Nichols has heard many different men say things like this over the years, although it is unusual to have so many say it in such a short time as happened recently. He knows that these men have recognized the importance of getting their lives right with God, and that they appreciate that it took being locked up for them to open their minds and hearts to God. We thank God for the privilege of being part of the way He reaches men and women this way, and we thank Him for leading you to make this ministry possible by your gifts and your involvement, as well as by your prayers.


In 1774, William Cowper, author of several hymns still sung today, wrote God Moves in a Mysterious Way His Wonders to Perform, which is exactly what these inmates were describing.

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