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CJM Board

Since Christian Jail Ministry began in 1979, its ministry has been overseen by a local board composed of local pastors, volunteers in the ministry, Christian business men and women, and the leadership of the Howard County Detention Center (HCDC). The chaplains and the HCDC leadership are ex-offcio (i.e. non-voting) members of the Board.

The CJM Board has several responsibilities. First, it prays for and encourages the CJM chaplains and volunteers. Second, it reviews CJM’s ministry and programs, and plans for future programs. Its approval is required for major modifications (additions or changes) to CJM’s ministry. Third, it reviews and must approve CJM’s budget each year, and it helps to raise funds to support this ministry.

The CJM Board normally meets 2-3 times a year, with individuals and committees working in between the Board meetings. Their tasks range from administrating the annual program of Christmas presents and help for inmate children and making arrangements for the annual CJM Volunteer Recognition and Fund Raising Banquet to conducting the compensation survey of local pastors and associate pastors (information that CJM uses in establishing its chaplain compensation).

We praise God for the godly men and women that have been willing to give their time and energy to CJM’s fruitful ministry (no one is compensated materially for serving on the CJM Board). The godly men and women of the CJM Board are one reason that everyone contributing to this ministry can have confidence that the money is being used properly. They are local and they are involved. They see what is being done.

We ask you to pray for the CJM Board. If you know any of the CJM Board members (listed below), let them know you appreciate the way they are being used of God in guiding and overseeing this ministry. Their role is important, even if not as public as those who teach Bible classes or serve as one-on-one discipleship mentors to inmates.

Meetings of the CJM Board are open to all who wish to attend. Anyone interested in attending a Board meeting should contact the President of the Board or the CJM Lead Chaplain (410-997-0253).

Membership of the CJM Board at the end of 2004 is shown below. Over the years, local pastors from most of the major Protestant denominations have served as CJM Board members, as have many of the CJM volunteers. Some have served on the CJM Board for a decade or two. We appreciate the dedication of all who have been part of the Christ-honoring ministry in this way.


Mrs. Gail Bates  

Mrs. Geneva 

Pastor Dan Crow

Mr. Donald Glenn 

Mrs. Kathy Henricks

Pastor Frank J. Hines 

Reverend Gerald (Jerry)Hoots 

Pastor Irwyn Ince 

Mr. Jack Kavanagh 

Dr. Olakunle Olaniyan 

Dr. Dale K. Pace 

Reverend Matt Poole 

Dr. Joel Rainey 

Mr. Neil Romano 

Mr. Bob Rose 

Ms. Patricia (Trish) Schupple

Captain Edward Scott

Reverend Maxwell Ware 

Chaplain Gerard Washington

Mrs. Dee Whitehead

Ms. Jocelyn Whitfield

Mr. Dominic Williams 

Mrs. Stephanie Williams

Gethsemane Baptist Church

Community Baptist Church

The Church at Covenant Park (Mid-MD Baptist Association)

Mt. Pisgah AME Church

Chapelgate Presbyterian Church

Community Baptist Church

Member of South Columbia Baptist Church

City of Hope

HCDC Director

Member of Bridgeway Community Church

Covenant Baptist Church

Glen Mar United Methodist Church (UMC)

Mid-Maryland Baptist Association

Gethsemane Baptist Church

South Columbia Baptist Church

HCDC Deputy Director

HCDC Security Chief

Cornerstone Community Church of God

Celebration Church

Chapelgate Presbyterian Church

Bridgeway Community

Montrose Baptist Church

Montrose Baptist Church



Vice-President, Volunteer





Associate Chaplain



Lead Chaplain

Lead Pastor

Director of Missions





Secretary, Volunteer

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