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Group Activities

CJM provides a number of group activities for inmates at the Howard County Detention Center (HCDC). These include worship services and special programs, Bible Classes, 12-Step Program, and Christian Videos:

Worship Services and Special Programs

Separate services are held for the women and men in the general inmate population on Sunday afternoons; worship services are also provided for work release inmates on Sunday afternoons. Special programs are provided at Christmas, Easter, etc.

Bible Classes

There are separate programs for men and women, with the full set available to each:

  • General classes of Bible study

  • Bible classes for new believers and others who have made recent spiritual commitments

  • Discipleship Bible classes for those interested in more in-depth study of the Scriptures

Celebrate Recovery

This program is offered to both men and women inmates and it is a Christ-based approach to recovery where people find healing from their hurts, hang-ups & habits.  The root of the problem is things such as abandonment, sexual and physical abuse, rejection and etc., which leads to workaholics, promiscuity, drugs and alcohol, overeating, anger, bitterness and etc.

Christian Videos

There are separate programs for men and women. Christian videos may be combined with Bible classes as part of religious education.

Spoken Word Program

The CJM Spoken Word Program is both an individual activity in which inmates provide storytelling through poetry and reviewed by Michael Watkins the ministry leader, and a group activity in which inmates perform in front of other inmates.  Spoken Word usually tends to focus on the words that are said, the dynamic tones, gestures, and facial expressions.


This is program for the women, helps them to discover God’s unique purpose for their life based on the way God has shaped them. These five shaping tools are S=Spiritual gifts, H=Heart, A=Abilities, P=Personality and E= Experience.  It is lead by Minister Ridia Reid.

Domestic Violence

This program is lead by Dr. Akeda Pearson-Stenbar for the women.  Dr. Pearson-Stenbar herself has experienced domestic violence. She talks about it in a book that she has authored “What In Hell Do You Want?”  This book is the epitome of triumph over being in a low place, suffering from depression, fear, isolation, rejection and abandonment dawning from domestic violence. This electrifying book is based upon Biblical Scripture reaping a harvest of victory to a strong Christian woman who present her message of hope, encouragement and resolve.

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