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CJM Programs

The Howard County Detention Center (HCDC) , Christian Jail Ministry (CJM) addresses spiritual, personal, and social needs of inmates and staff. About half of the inmates at HCDC come from Howard County, a third come from Baltimore (City or County), and the rest come from other nearby jurisdictions and elsewhere.

In the community, CJM addresses spiritual, personal, and social needs of former inmates and inmate families on an ad hoc basis and encourages their involvement in community churches. CJM provides training for volunteers and ministers to their needs. CJM encourages churches to minister to prisoners and their families, and calls upon the community to better meet the needs of former inmates and inmate families.
In all programs, CJM emphasizes God’s power to change lives through Jesus Christ.

  • Worship services

  • Bible classes, Christian videos, etc.

  • Pastoral counseling

  • Christian “Twelve Step” programs to counter addictions

  • Discipleship training

  • Distribution of Scriptures and Christian literature

  • Bible correspondence courses

  • Poetry review and guidance

  • Volunteer orientation, supervision, and religious program coordination

CJM Programs in the Community

  • Grading inmate Bible correspondence course lessons

  • Christmas/school help for inmate children

  • Social help for inmates, inmate families, and former inmates.

  • Community awareness activities: challenging churches to be part of the ministry to prisoners in our area and challenging the community to care about the needs of former prisoners and the families of inmates and former prisoners.

Training for the Ministry to Prisoners

This training is open to all and is offered without charge or commitment. It is required for those ministering at the Howard County Detention Center (HCDC).  The schedule for the next training may be obtained by calling CJM (410-997-0253)

Ministering to prisoners is serious business. We have the opportunity to make both eternal and present impacts on men and women that the church normally does not touch much. For many, their exposure to the Gospel while at HCDC may be God’s primary way of offering them salvation. Their eternal destiny may depend, in part, on how faithful we are to share the love of Christ and the truth of God’s Word with them.

HCDC Administration requires all religious volunteers to be properly oriented to activities inside the jail, so that their activities (ministry) can be performed in the best way possible. CJM knows the wisdom of this policy. We know it is always best when volunteers know how to function properly and effectively inside the jail. That is why CJM provides additional training beyond the orientation required by HCDC Administration.

You can view and download three important documents pertaining to training for this ministry:

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