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Philosophy of Ministry

Why care about prisoners, former prisoners, and their families?

The Bible is the basis for Christian belief and practice.

Christ and the Scriptures require that God’s people care about prisoners.

Christians should be as concerned for prisoners as if they were prisoners themselves.

— Hebrews 13:3

Ministry to prisoners can be ministry to Christ Himself. – Matthew 25:31-46

Christian ministry to prisoners makes our community a better and safer place because some are changed who would otherwise commit more crimes.

Can we make a difference?

The power of Christ can transform anyone,
no matter what that person has been or done.
— II Corinthians 5:17

Effective ministry is comprehensive:

  • Includes worship services, religious education, counseling, discipleship training, and social help.

  • Emphasize both conversion and follow-up at the institution and outside it so that interested inmates and their families may be helped to achieve both personal and spiritual maturity.

Effective ministry connects to the community

  • Has a positive impact on our community, helping inmates and former inmates turn from crime to wholesome lives.

  • Supports Detention Center’s administration and staff.

  • Is closely tied to Christian churches in Howard County and to its citizens

  • Alerts God’s people to needs of this ministry and shows how they can and should help.

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