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CJM April & May Newsletter

Inmates Still Coronavirus Free at The Howard County Detention Center (HCDC)

It is truly amazing that there has not been one case of the Coronavirus at HCDC amongst the inmates, not one case. That is phenomenal, taking into account the make-up of a jail or a prison, the closeness of the inmates to one another and the staff who come in, that has to be the hand of God on this institution and the wisdom of the administration. We definitely want to thank Director Jack Kavanagh and his administration for having a sanitized facility. Chaplain Washington was speaking to a returning citizen who was incarcerated at HCDC and the individual told the Chaplain, he had never been in a cleaner jail and that was before the pandemic. Here’s a funny story, an inmate who was trying to be released from the jail told that staff that he thought that he had symptoms of COVID- 19, and because of the precautionary measures the jail had to take, even though his temperature was normal, the staff had to isolate him. The inmate was not expecting that, he thought just by mentioning he had symptoms he would be released. So now he is isolated, which is no fun, and his whole unit has to be on lock down because of him which made him very unpopular. That was a lesson well learned for anyone else who might try that. Chaplain Washington does not think anyone else will be trying that. Yes, the administration at HCDC is taking every effort to make sure the inmates and the staff are working in a safe environment. Temperatures are taken when anyone enters, there is a mat you have to step on to sanitize your shoes and there is a questionnaire you have to fill out before you enter. God’s hand of protection is on HCDC. No cases, it’s amazing!!!! Could you please continue to pray for the jail?

The Christian Jail Ministry (CJM) Annual Volunteer Recognition and Fund- Raising Banquet Is Still On For August 15, 2020

As of this publication the Annual Volunteer Recognition and Fund-Raising Banquet is still on for August 15, 2020. Chaplain Washington has spoken to all of the key players and everyone is still all in. Chaplain Washington has spoken to Dr. Terri Hill’s office who is the guest speaker, the Church of the Nazarene which is the venue, The Choir Boyz who is entertainment, Michael Watkins and Michele Marie will bring Spoken Word, the caterer and the returning citizens who will come and give their testimonies about how God’s grace and His blessings have been bestowed upon them., Everybody is so excited and still on board. Chaplain Washington is looking forward to honoring the volunteers who come and make the sacrifice and he is also looking forward to having a great time. If there are any changes Chaplain Washington will inform you so hold on to your tickets and if you need tickets, contact Chaplain Washington at 4104467783 or email him at Invite your friends and family, you can be assured to have a great time.

Two Returning Citizens Working Together

Gerald Lamkin and Travis Allen were both former inmates at the HCDC and are now both entrepreneurs. Mr. Lamkin has been home for three years and Mr. Allen left about eight months ago.

Both of these men have made a vow to succeed even though it has not been easy for either of them, they continue to move forward. They both have been in and out of jail for most of their lives and recognize that there is a better way. Both attended the programs and services CJM offered. They both provide improvements to homes and businesses. Chaplain Washington introduced these guys to each other to see if they can help one another and they came up with a solution. Both of them are pretty busy picking up contracts and they are good with what they do. So, if one of them have extra work they will give it to the other and if they have a job that is to big for one of them, they can get help from each other. They have also told the Chaplain that he if knows anyone leaving the jail and are serious about making a change in their lives, they are open to giving them a helping hand. Both of these men know how hard it is to come home from an incarceration to find an apartment to rent or a job. Mr. Lampkin attends The Church at Covenant Park were Pastor Dan Crow is the Senior Pastor and the congregation has taken Mr. Lampkin and his son under their wing and they are supporting them. Mr. Allen is still in search of a church home. Mr. Allen informed the Chaplain that his wife is praying and hoping the pandemic will soon come to an end so they can physically attend Celebration Church. Gerald is pictured on the left of the Chaplain and Travis on the right. Both of these men said they had just had their temperatures taken, but the Chaplain was not trusting it and is wearing his mask. Prior to the pandemic Gerald was coming into the jail as a volunteer for Celebrate Recovery. It is always great to see the positive impact CJM and the jail programs have had on individuals. It is great they are willing to help each other and to reach out to others who are returning from jail. Keep them in your prayers.

CJM’s Website

CJM’s Website has been down for four months. It crashed and the company that host the website has been promising CJM it would be up and running again, but that has not happened. So, we are having the website rebuilt by a CJM’s volunteer who oversees the website and pray it will be up and running soon.

Chaplain Washington Would Like to Thank Church of the Redeemed of the Lord

Chaplain Washington received a call from Renea Sommerville a HCDC administrator, to see if any of the volunteers would be interested in providing cloth face masks to the inmates. They had the surgical mask, but they wanted to provide the cloth ones for incoming inmates. It was not long after the request went out Jennifer Henderson a member of Church of the Redeemed of the Lord, (Bishop Jerome Stokes, Senior Pastor) contacted the Chaplain and said they would provide 100 cloth masks, and they did. The name of the ministry Ms. Henderson is part of at the church is The Matthew 25 Crew at CRL. Thank you, Jennifer and The Matthew 25 Crew, for your support.

COVID-19’S Financial Impact on CJM

Chaplain Washington would like to thank everyone who responded to his call for financial support to the ministry. Your donations have helped us to continue. Chaplain Washington still goes into the jail when he is called, and he is there every Sunday providing literature for the inmates. Because of the pandemic we have not been able to get the support we generally get from the churches and from individuals. If you are looking for a mission to sow into, that is making a positive impact in the Kingdom and in the community CJM is doing just that. Lives are being changed; families are getting stronger. Because CJM’s website is down all donations should be made by check payable to CJM and sent to PO Box 6037, Columbia, MD 21045-6037. Thank you in advance.

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